Royal DACH Pharmaceuticals

Royal Dach is a wholly owned Ghanaian company, registered and licensed as a pharmaceutical entity with three decades of operational experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Royal Dach imports, distributes, wholesales, and supplies top-notch brands of of pharmaceutical medications, cosmetics, and medical devices across the country with the main aim of taking healthcare delivery to a whole new level. Our dedicated core staff work round the clock to ensure all our customers and needs are satisfactorily attended to.

Royal DACH Pharmaceuticals

Our dedicated core staff work round the clock to ensure all our customers and needs are satisfactorily attended to.


To ensure the provision and delivery of quality and affordable pharmaceutical products from the European market to improve healthcare delivery in Ghana, in collaboration with our local partners.


To improve and expedite local access to high quality medications with regards to the industry best practices.


Excellent Customer Service | Quality Assurance | Integrity | Continuous Improvement | Teamwork

Main Services

Quality and safety remain our pillars that Royal Dach Pharmaceuticals is built on. In wholesale and distribution, we insist on working with local suppliers who are industry-compliant, certified, and practice quality management standards. This ensures our mission on the delivery of quality, wholesome pharmaceutical medications, cosmetics and medical devices across the country without breach. We insist on best storage conditions for all our products to ensure its expected shelf-life are not compromised.

Operating from the central business district of Accra; Beracah House, Adabraka which serves as our Headquarters , we render unparalleled delivery services across the country. With the services of certified dispatch riders, and drivers using motorbikes, cars, and vans, we are able to safely and swiftly deliver purchases to our local partners. As the pioneer of free delivery in the pharmaceutical industry, we maintain our high standards by treating every order with urgency across the country.

Easy accessibility to our products are of much importance and concern to us regardless of distance. With our diverse sales platforms such as website, social media, whatsapp, regular phone-calls and walk-in options, we ensure you enjoy a wholistic sales experience and good customer service. All for the benefit and improvement of the end users’ health. Enjoy the best of excellent customer service from the best in the business. Get quality products from the best manufacturers in pristine condition to serve your clients best interest.



Our pharmaceutical products are conventionally manufactured in state-of-the-art, secure batch facilities, allowing for the flexible use and operation of equipment for a wide range of high volume - high value products. Royal Dach Pharmaceuticals is the leading importer of UK generics in the Country.

ORAL CARE (Non-Pharmaceutical)

We provide oral care products that are strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory solutions for rinsing and brushing. Our oral care products are easy to use, eliminate bad breath, clean and whiten teeth, and also polish and remove stains. Our flagship oral products are the XPEL Cleansing Charcoal toothpaste and mouthwash.

SKIN CARE (Non-Pharmaceutical)

At Royal Dach Pharmaceuticals our skincare products are excellent for all skin types and are based on natural extracts to give you a smooth, soft, and moisturize skin. Our range of skincare products include Argan oil, Coconut water, Hemp, Banana, Charcoal; which are all XPEL Marketing Limited.


We are currently licensed to sell to hospitals, clinics, and medical professionals, wholesale and retail pharmacies in Ghana. To contact us kindly fill the Contact Form, and our representative will contact you to answer your questions. You may also use this contact form for suggestions, enquiries, and complaints.  We will reply within one business day. We Value Your Business!