years of experience

We procure and distribute quality pharmaceutical products nationwide.

Quality and safety remain our pillars that Royal Dach Pharmaceuticals is built on. In wholesale and distribution, we insist on working with local suppliers who are industry-compliant, certified, and practice quality management standards. This ensures our mission on the delivery of quality, wholesome pharmaceutical medications, cosmetics and medical devices across the country without breach. We insist on best storage conditions for all our products to ensure its expected shelf-life are not compromised.


Safe and reliable products are a vital part of our commitment to improving health. Our warehouses are noted for their cleanliness and safety, good inventory management practices and certified for storage and distribution. We have employed the World Health Organization (WHO) Good Distribution Practice (GDP) Guidelines in the storage and handling under suitable conditions. We have dedicated employees who pay attention to quality and follow the standard operating procedures in their day-to-day activities.

Customer Service

With one of our core values being service, we take pride in consistently delivering outstanding and excellent service to our customers. We have a very responsive CUSTOMER SERVICE which responds to the needs of our customers within the shortest possible time and also get feedback in order to improve on our services. In doing this, we aim to get closer to the customers. We put extra efforts into our customer service by running a one stop for our customers giving us a competitive advantage over our competitors.